Discover your bridge between your faith and your life, lead and serve with greater confidence.

Uncover the beauty and simplicity behind the theology, history and practices of your church.

Taking youth seriouslyyouTheology Institute is a Pan-Methodist ministry that has been serving middle and high school students and youth workers for the past 10 years so that they understand their faith, personalize it, and adapt it to the ever-shifting church and world in which they live. Young people then claim the faith and live it, going out to lead and serve others, loving God, loving neighbor. This site is for you to:

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  • Volunteer to be a part of this ministry.

Now taking reservations for youTheology’s One-Year Journey With High School Students

For dates, more information, and to make your reservation: www.youtheology.net/2016-2017/

Middle and high school students who want a way to go be more, live more, and give more.

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Youth workers who are willing to journey with youth on a deeper faith walk.

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Adults who wish to be involved in this ministry that is developing faithful leaders.

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Rebecca Class of 2007Hey, alumni. Check out our alumni Facebook page for updates. It's a closed group created with you in mind.

Not a member yet? Send a request when you go to the page and we will add you. 

See you there. God bless you.

PS: Alumni Reunion - June 28, 2014, at Old Mission UMC, Fairway, KS 66205.