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Methodist youth programyouTheology Institute is a center of cooperation and bridge-building with roots in the Pan-Methodist story. Through its annual Pan-Methodist youth program held in the summer it is developing faithful leaders for a diverse world. It also fulfills this mission through  regular blog posts and updates. It empowers people to grow spiritually in a contextual way.

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Consider this: youTheology Institute is the only place where a young person can go to develop their spirituality in the Pan-Methodist tradition, have great discussions about diversity and faith, and discover how they can be faithful today.

The Pan-Methoidst denominations with which youTheology works are the:

Join us in this unique journey of faith at this year’s Pan-Methodist youth program with high school students.

2018 Dates

 Wednesday, July 25 to Sunday, July 29, 2018

Youth faith formation journey to grow spiritually in the Methodist tradition, open to high school sophomores through seniors.


youTheology Institute. Touching and changing lives for over 12 years.

God Is in God’s Heaven, All’s right with the World. Really?

THE year ‘s at the spring, And day ‘s at the morn; Morning ‘s at seven; The hill-side ‘s dew-pearl’d; The lark ‘s on the wing; The snail ‘s on the thorn; God ‘s in His heaven— All ‘s right with the world! So wrote Robert Browning a long time ago. That God is alive… Continue Reading

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