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Let’s Go the Distance

youTheology is committed to youth ministry that lasts; to nurturing faith in the teen years that grows more deeply throughout life. Last blog post we told you about Believe Curriculum that help you invest in teens and young adults in a way that connects them with and excites them about the faith so that they stay in it and grow more deeply. This is youth ministry that goes the distance.

Another part of our commitment to youth ministry that goes the distance is an annual youth workers gathering. This is a time when adults who work with and/or are interested in youth come together to connect around a theme with a featured presenter and breakouts for deeper and more practical learning.

Sometimes as adults working with and/or interested in youth we ask, how can I make it when the odds seem stacked against me? Sometimes the odds are not stacked against us but we just want that extra boost to help us on our journey. Or, we wonder how we can be effective in making faithful disciples for Christ who will last.Youth Workers’ Gathering 2013 in Oklahoma City will gather around the theme, “Youth Ministry that goes the Distance.” We will look at these issues. The keynote speaker is Dr Kenda Creasy Dean, professor and writer in the area of youth ministry, with Rev Stephen Cady as the other presenter. Bishop Hayes is the preacher. You can click here for more, including registration information.
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Changing Times, Exciting Times

Life is changing before our eyes. We may not always be aware of this, though there are seasons when it just hits us that there is a lot of change around us. We’re in one of those seasons. Our culture is changing for many reasons. We see it in the changing nature of our interactions… Continue Reading