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youTheology as a Year-Long Process

youTheology with high school students is a one-year program lasting from summer one year to summer the following year. Yet what we most easily see are the periodic encounters at Saint Paul School of Theology and now at Lydia Patterson Institute. As critical as these meetings are for formation in the Methodist tradition, understanding of vocation, learning and doing theology, and engagement with spiritual disciplines they are only part of the story.

youTheology continues when the high school students are back at home, through regular meetings with mentors and online conversations with leaders. These sessions allow youTheologians to continue exploring what it means to love God and neighbor, looking at the Wesleyan tradition, doing theology using the Wesleyan Quadrilateral, and participating in spiritual disciplines. It also continues as their home congregation encourages them on the journey.

It is a year, an ongoing year of a journey that lasts for life. How would you like to be a part of this journey?
Loving God, Loving Neighbor

Seeking Relevance in Youth Ministry

In youth ministry, we serve an ever shifting population. There are several reasons for this. To name a few, there is a continual flow of students from elementary, to middle, to high school. High school students grow and move to college. Thus, we can be sure of new faces in our ministry every few years.… Continue Reading