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Parents Matter

Often when I hear of teenagers acting up at odd times in the night or early morning, the question that immediately comes to mind is, “Where are the parents?” In the case of single parents, “Where is the parent?” Maybe guardian(s). Now I know that teens can slip out unbeknownst to parents. However, the numbers of youth that act out when they would be better off in their homes with their families does beg this question. At the same time, hats off to the parents who invest highly in their children.

Parents matter. This is borne out by research. It is often borne out by our experience in youth ministry: High parental involvement and enthusiasm for the program by parents, high involvement (not necessarily enthusiasm) by the youth.

So here, it is below, the influence of parents on behavior as it relates to safe driving. Teens having conversations with parents make a difference, but don’t stop reinforcing safe habits prematurely:

Teens who refrained from texting while driving were much more likely to report having frequent talks with their parents about safe driving. Once teenagers receive their license, there is a sharp dropoff in conversations between

This article below offers great tips on awareness, guidance, releasing, and supporting, including the all important giving teens responsibility.

What are you doing in your house, with your child, that involves leadership and community service?

Questions: How are you supporting the parents of the teens in your ministry? How can you be a resource as they seek to be more faithful parents? How are you celebrating these parents?
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