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Think Before You . . .

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Think before you speak. I heard that growing up. You can’t recall words, so be careful of what you say because once you’ve said it, you can’t take it back.

The same could be said for writing. Once it’s on paper, there’s a record, unless of course you destroy it before anyone else sees it. I say destroy, because many people have written something and left it in a private place, only for it to be found and shared. Or they may have shared it in confidence or trusted someone to destroy it for them only to have that trust betrayed. Mother Teresa is a case in point.

Of course, it’s more complicated now. Many of us have been in the process of writing an email and clicked send before we were ready. Or we may have sent an email to someone only to have it forward to . . . . Some things go viral.

Yes. It’s the technological age, so all the more, we need to think before we put anything down and watch that finger which is so apt to click on “send” or “enter.”

Then there is the question of tech etiquette and appropriateness. It’s so easy to send stuff now, but what’s appropriate for sending and what’s best for face-to-face and what’s best for, well, just keeping it to yourself?

Here’s are some good points in the blog below on social media responsibility.

Think before Tweeting – Social Media Responsibility and Keeping

Educating our teens on social media protocol must span far beyond Facebook and posting inappropriate photos. Words are just as powerful, and once they are loosed into cyberspace they cannot be taken back. Tweeting

Yes. Education on social media responsibility is sorely needed as we see also from the blog below and the statistics it contains.

Teens Feeling Pressure to “Grow Up” and Reveal Intimate Details

With 95% of all teenagers (13-17 years of age) online and 80% using social media, a third of teens state they seek love on Facebook. As a result, 34% of girls and 16% of boys are exposed to more explicit and unwanted

  • How do we engage our students around issues of thinking before posting, what’s appropriate and what isn’t for online interaction, and how to deal with online peer pressure?
  • How do we help them to connect their faith with their online presence?
  • How are we modeling responsible tech behavior around these issues?
Loving God, Loving Neighbor
Developing Faithful Leaders for a Diverse Church and World Now and in the Future

What Language Do You Use?

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A Mixed Bag

Image: imagerymajestic / I guess the following post caught my eye because it always amazes me how much negative stuff is posted about teens. “Why do we assume the worst about teens?” challenges us to examine our instinctive perceptions of and reactions to teenagers and be mature and responsible in our interactions with them.… Continue Reading

Teens and Technology

Research shows that teens continue to increase their use of technology. Smartphones give access to the internet and, of course, texting. With available apps and software, iTouch, and tablets are phones. However, there is heartening news. Cyberbullying isn’t completely widespread, as the research from Pew below shows and there are those who will challenge the… Continue Reading