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Can You Give What You Have Freely From Your Heart?

Can You Give What You Have Free From Your HeartDid you see that picture? The one accompanying the story of the teenager who stopped to pray for a homeless man. The teen nearly missed his bus. That’s a real example of what it is to give what you have. Here’s who it reminded me of: Peter and John in the Bible. That’s right.

Here’s the thing. Yes, After Peter and John prayed for  the lame man in Acts 3:1–10, he walked, Now, after the teen prayed the man’s outward situation didn’t dramatically change. At the same time, bear in mind that no one knows what effect the prayer had on the homeless man. However, here’s the thing: in each case, Peter, John, and the tten interrupted their schedule and gave what they had—a prayer. In doing this, they have given you and your youth a lesson on what it means to give what you have.

Here are three things to share with your youth about giving what you have.

#1 With God you will always be able to give what you have

When you know and believe in God, you will always have something to give, even if your pockets are empty. In the Bible  you are told to pray for others, for everyone. Prayer is simple and it is free. Even if your pocket or purse is empty and even if, worst case scenario, you card is maxed out, you can still give the gift of prayer. A simple prayer will make a difference.

There is a problem however, Sometimes people do not believe that God hears or that their prayer will make a difference. Help your young people to remember that the all-powerful God hears and answers prayer.

#2 Giving is not about what other people think

If you and your young people look to others for affirmation when they pray, you may be disappointed. Sometimes people are quick to judge and say you should do something to change another’s physical situation. That sounds good. And, there is a reason for it. Prayer can be used to escape responsibility for alleviating the plight of others.

Nevertheless, prayer is still important at all times. Plus, when you have nothing tangible to give, or you are not in a position to build a house for another or make other kinds of difference, pray. Don’t let the naysayers rob you of the opportunity to give what you have. Most likely, these people neither know nor understand God and the gift of this language of prayer with which to communicate with God.

#3 Give freely from your heart

Give your prayer freely from you heart. Don’t get strung up on saying the right words, or who is listening. Pray to God who hears and accepts what you sincerely give. Open your heart for God to continually work on and change it, Then, let the prayers flow from there. Once you do that, when you give what you have, your prayers will be bold, spontaneous, and free.

Your young people have received a great gift from God. Help them to value and share it so that they can always give what they have.


Living fully. Living faithfully. Following Christ.

Image courtesy of johnhain / Pixabay.Com

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