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God’s Call: What if You’re Faking It?

God's Call - Are You Faking It
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You’ve read about it, haven’t you? Moses and the burning bush. God’s call to Moses was spectacular, clear, and unmistakable. But what if you haven’t seen a burning bush? Is God still calling you? Or are you doing what you’re doing because you’re faking it?

For me, there was no burning bush. Yet, God’s call was clear and I felt honored to be called by God to youth ministry. My immediate response was, “yes.” The doubts would come later.

So did you hear God’s call or are you faking it? I guess that’s another way of saying, “How do you hear God’s call?”

Now, I’m no expert on God’s call, but one of our readers pointed out to me that I refer to God’s call quite a bit in my blogs. This blog post, “God’s call: What if You’re Faking It?” is dedicated to her.

So there’s Moses with his burning bush. There’s Simon and Andrew’s one-on-one with Jesus when Jesus said, “Follow me.” You even have Saul’s sensational Damascus Road experience with the blinding flash of light and mysterious voice. So how do you hear God’s call? And those are not all the call stories in the Bible.

What these instances of God’s call show you is to the question, how do you hear God’s call. God’s call comes in many ways.  It varies by person.

You may still be thinking, but these people heard and they knew. That’s true. Add to that, Isaiah, and well, wow! Isaiah was in the temple and there was a whole lot going on. What was happening there, people in show biz spend lots of money faking it.

Here’s the thing, though, Isaiah said “yes” to a question. “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” In the temple, in the middle of worship with confession of sins, assurance of pardon, and then the Word in the form of a question to which Isaiah answered in those famous words. “Here am I; send me.” How do you hear God’s call?

What have you heard and where and when? Was it in church when they asked for someone to lead the young people? Was it in a one-on-one conversation, perhaps in the parlor or even on the road? Were you praying? Were you seeking to know God’s call and will for your life? Perhaps you were just minding your own business. How do you hear God’s call? How did you hear God’s “whom shall I send and who will go for us?”

Here’s my understanding of God’s call: An inner conviction that is affirmed by others that God has sent you to do a particular thing. It may be deferred but it never completely leaves you. Pretty broad, huh? God’s call is broad, broad enough to encompass the unique way in which you heard God lead you to work with young people.

Embrace the particular way in which God has called you to youth ministry. There is no faking it and you will thrive.

Discussion Question: How did you hear God’s call?

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