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How Much Do You Just Want Them to Know?

How Much Do You Just Want Them to Know?
Will you let them know?

Did someone say that general elections in the USA will be held in Fall 2015? Okay. All joking aside about a serious matter, if you listen to some people, you would get that impression. The reality is that general elections in the USA is not until Fall next year. Nevertheless, the competition is stiff and everyone is anxious to be heard, counted, and voted in when the time comes. One person commented that she was going all out, knocking on doors, etc. Why? People did not know her candidate but she was sure that if they knew his record, what he stood for, etc., they would vote for him. She just wanted them to know. Do you just want them to know?

You see, her statement sent my mind in two directions.

Do you just want them to know?

  • You have a wonderful story. God has an astounding record of love, faithfulness, mercy, and grace. You experience and see it especially in the life of Jesus Christ. Do you just want them to know? Do you think it would make it difference if they knew?
  • What about how you have experienced God in your life? Hasn’t God been good to you? Do you just want them to know?  Do you expect that it would make a difference in their lives and how they see God if they knew?
  • If you just want them to know about this wonderful God, the next question becomes, “how much?” How much does it matter to you? The answer is seen in what you are doing and are willing to do because you just want them to know.

Yes. It is important that people know about God so that they can decide for themselves whether or not to follow. Who are these people?

  • Those around you. It could be family, friends, co-workers . . .
  • The young people in your midst.

Do you just want them to know and will you let them know in the spirit of love, mercy, and grace? Just let them know. Not shout at them. Just let them know. Not beat them down. Just let them know and invite them to make their decision.

As I mentioned, my mind went in two directions. That was the first—just wanting them to know. The second was sustaining the enthusiasm when you just want them to know.

How long can you sustain it?

One of the things with campaigning for 2016 is that there is an end in sight. Yes. People are and will be going all out. However, they have benchmarks and a time at which they will end. This makes a difference.

God is working on us but we are human. We tend to do better when we see the end in sight or we have deadlines. Now, some people are going to keep going in their effort to let others know with or without a time frame. However, everyone is not like that. Perhaps that’s why churches had their revival meetings—set that time, make a push, until the next one.

Know that you can do this for yourself. Set specific time periods that you put aside time to act on your commitment that you just want them to know about the goodness of the Lord so that they could make a decision. Do this with the instinct that if they knew, at least some would respond in the affirmative. Set a time period for the different people in your life. Set it with prayer and water it with prayer.

In some ways, the earlier church had their inbuilt end. They expected that Jesus would return at any moment and this propelled them. Well, a lot of years have passed. While we still believe that Jesus Christ will come again we no longer have that sense of an imminent return. Yet, stuff happens in life. People come, people go. If we just want them to know we should let them know sooner rather than later.

What about the young people in your care. Even as you let them know, is God’s story gripping them so much that they too just want the people around them to know? Are they experiencing God so much that they too just want them to know? Maybe it’s a conversation you can have.


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