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New Broom, Old Broom: Which One For Your Youth Ministry?

New broom old broom which one do you prefer
Which broom do you prefer?

“New brooms sweep clean, old brooms know the corners.” So goes the saying, painting a vivid picture of two brooms—new broom, old broom. The old broom is worn and a bit ragged, even too pliable for the job, it seems. It does not pick up the dust as cleanly as it used to. Enter the new broom. It’s fresh, bristles lined up, and stiff enough without being too stiff to do a more thorough job of cleaning. Of course, there is the issue of the the corners.

Do you care about the corners? Do you care about those places that need the light of experience to be recognized and tended? This leads to a different question. Does it have to be either or? New broom, old broom? Do you have to make a selection?

New broom

The new broom represents the vitality and freshness of youth. Young people, and you can include young adults here, believe in the possibility of the impossible. They will look at a situation with which everyone else is satisfied and let you know it can be different. They will dream new dreams and have fresh vision. That’s great. It keeps you from stagnation. It can help to keep the ministry relevant.

In a disposable age, the temptation is to throw out the old broom immediately upon getting the new. In church you talk about the importance of youth. You encourage youth leadership. I know that I believe in involving youth in leadership and giving them a say in the life of the church. However, you need balance. Enter the old broom.

Old broom

The old broom represents the wisdom that only comes with experience. This type of wisdom resides in and with those who have traveled ahead of younger ones. It’s the wisdom that would have you pause when the youth may desire to go full speed ahead. It should be respected. It knows the pitfalls and it knows the various aspects that need to be considered for wise decisions and actions.

New broom, old broom choice

New broom, old broom? It’s really not a choice in your youth ministry. You need youth and experience on your team.

New broom, old broom. It’s not a choice if you desire to honor all of God’s people: old and young, experienced and inexperienced. It’s not a choice if you believe God’s gifting extends to all people and are to be used for uplift of the body and the glory of God. It’s not a choice if you desire to reach all youth.

Comment. New broom old broom: How do you balance the necessary new vision and optimism of youth with the wisdom and caution of experience?


Living fully. Living faithfully. Following Christ.

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