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What Happens When Nobody Is Watching

God is always near me,
Hearing what I say;
Knowing all my thoughts and deeds,
All my work and play.

What Happens When Nobody Is Watching
Who’s Watching?

Ah. The hymns we sang in childhood. Now some people find this scary. You mean God knows everything? Well, yes. But why should you be afraid? Here are three things about God “watching” and knowing everything:

  1. Accountability. You remember that proverb, “When the cat’s away the mice will play?” Well, for some reason many human beings do better with accountability. Can you relate? When no one is watching we get careless and we do things that are often detrimental to us and others.
  2. If God is watching and seeing everything, God is also seeing your struggles. You can call upon God for help. When no one is watching you’re out there struggling on your own.
  3. Since God is seeing everything, God is with you. That’s comfort. When on one is watching you miss that comfort.

The second verse of the hymn goes:

God is always near me,
In the darkest night,
He can see me just the same
As by midday light.

Indeed, there are a lot of pluses to God knowing everything. Why then do we get discomfited and act as if we would prefer that no one was watching? Especially in a day when many other people are watching and knowing our thoughts as they track our behavior online; as they hack our accounts.

The other question is, what happens when you delude yourself that no one is watching? Or, to put it a different way: What would you do differently if you realized that not only others were tracking and hacking your online and offline activity, but that God was also watching? What about your youth? What would they do differently.

This brings us to this point: Do our youth live with the awareness that God sees and knows everything in their lives? Is this a positive awareness? Does it help them to know that they are accountable for God? Or, do they have such a blasé approach and attitude toward God that it does not matter? It should matter. A blasé approach and attitude would suggest that they have not encountered the God who is almighty, worthy of worship and awe; worthy of glory and honor and reverential respect.

Yes. Most of us do better when someone is watching. Even though God is invisible, God is present. Ultimately we and our youth are accountable to God. This same God is present to help us. We just need to call.

It’s never true that no one is watching. God is watching you, God is watching me, God is watching our youth. God is with us. Fortunately, that’s good news. Share it.

God is always near me,
Though so young and small;
Not a look, or word, or thought,
But God knows it all.


Living fully. Living faithfully. Following Christ.

Image courtesy of Hans at pixabay.com

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