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Do You Have the Right Connection in Youth Ministry?

right connectionHave you ever had one of those absent minded moments? I picked up the cord and plugged the one end into the electrical outlet. Then I plugged the other into the laptop. But you know what? Nothing happened. Nothing was going to happen until I made the right connection and plugged the DSL into the data port. This got me thinking:

Sometimes we do that with our lives as youth ministers. We plug into conferences and seminars, good books, good sermons. These inspire, refresh, and even energize us at times. In the strictest sense, they are not bad connections or wrong connections. However, their value is limited unless we plug into prayer and connect with God. Then we’ll be making a right connection.

Making the right connection

What does it mean to make a right connection with prayer in youth ministry? Your prayer is earnest and you wait. You don’t rush in and rush out with what can only be termed an apology for prayer. In addition, your prayer is not self-centered. Rather, in and through your praying you seek to worship God, know God, know the will of God for God’s young people. You also seek to be strengthened in love and obedience to God and therefore, love and service to God’s people.

This type of praying leaves you  open to the Spirit’s leading so that, if necessary, God could divert you from one path and put you on another. You allow God to put you where God wants you to minister life and make the gospel plain to those in need. As an example, through your praying you develop the openness and response like Philip in the book of the Acts of the Apostles. This type of prayer may have elements of praise and sometimes elements of lament over the condition of humankind. However, it will always focus on God. This is critical for you to make the right connection.

Yet, there are many good things that get in the way of such prayer. It is much easier to plug into those other connections.  The challenge is to make time for the right connection, for effectual, fervent prayer in our student ministry, so that God’s will be done and lives are changed as souls are saved.

How will you do this?


Living fully. Living faithfully. Following Christ.

Image courtesy of meineresterampe / Pixabay.Com

This post is adapted from  the post, “Time to Pray,” on MissionAndYouth.com

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