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Why We Love youTheology Institute (And You Should, Too!)

youTheology Institute as a Bridge
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Imagine that you need to get over to the other side because of an emergency. You get to the crossing only to find out that the bridge has collapsed. The river is too wide and deep for you to cross without the bridge. You do not have a boat. Imagine your anxiety, even despair and fear. You’ve got to get over. You need that bridge. By now you are probably wondering what a bridge has to do with loving youTheology Institute.

This week at a training session, a trainer asked me what youTheology Institute did well. This is what came to my mind: We organizing content resources in a meaningful way that is useful and impactful. I continued on to say that we are helping youth and adults make the connection between theology and everyday life. To which the trainer responded that we were creating a bridge between theology and life. You’ve got to love it.

Why do we love youTheology? Well, I’ve begun to answer the question but here are 3 reasons for you. They relate to  building  connections/bridges in furtherance of the kingdom of God.

youTheology Institute Provides the Tools to Connect Theology and Life

The youTheology Institute curriculum teaches what theology is about. It also provides the tools to actually do theology in an intentional way. This tool is the Wesleyan Quadrilateral. Participants use the Wesleyan Quadrilateral throughout the year. They use it  when they gather face-to-face. They also use it when they spend time with their adults mentors. This includes discussing, examining, and coming to a position on topics and issues of importance to youth. Thus youth and adults are empowered to connect theology and everyday  life.

youTheology Institute Connects Intergenerationally

Each youth in the youTheology Institute program has an adult mentor whom they select. This adult accompanies the youth during the one-year journey. The mentor encourages, challenges and serves as a guide and partner. The mentor is an older partner  and guide who has wisdom to share from life experiences. youTheology trains the mentors so that they are not left floundering on your own. Instead, through the training mentors gain knowledge of the theme, “Loving God, Loving Neighbor,”  knowledge about youth, and working with youth.

youTheology Institute Connects Diverse Groups

youTheology Institute is Pan-Methodist. Thus, we bring together youth from the African Methodist Episcopal Church, African Methodist Episcopal Church Zion, Christian Methodist Church, and United Methodist Church. Moreover, youth are from urban, suburban, rural, small town . . . They learn about each other and they learn to live well with each other.

Is there an emergency that makes this bridge urgent? When you consider the number of young adults who leave and do not return to the church, what do you think? When you consider the number of youth who cannot articulate their Christian belief, what do you think? When you consider the young people who drift because they do not see the need for Christianity because they are unable to see what it has to do with everyday life, what do you think?

youTheology Institute covers and answers these questions. It does this as it connects theology and faith, different generations, and diverse groups. Youth are prepared for a diverse church and world. Is this bridge urgently needed. We think so though some may say otherwise. You’ve got to love it.

Yes. We love youTheology Institute and you should too. Question is, do you love it enough to invest in making these connections where you are? Believe Curriculum would help you to do so.

youTheology is about theology. In being about youth and theology, it is God, it is about life. You’ve got to love it.


Living fully. Living faithfully. Following Christ.

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