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Have You Told Them Lately Who They Are?

who they are
What message are they sending?

Who do you tell your young people that they are? Do you tell them that they are uniquely created by God and precious to God? Do you send them messages of affirmation? All of these are important. However, there is one other thing that it is important to tell your young people concerning who they are. They are a message, God’s message.

We’re all messages. Our lives—our actions, words, and attitudes speak volumes. Thus, it’s not a question of whether or not young people are sending messages. Rather, the issue is, “what message?”

Do they know that when they say that they are a Christian they are God’s message? What messages are you equipping them to send? That’s the other question.

Is your youth ministry programming nurturing effective messengers of the good news of Jesus Christ? Note that effective does not mean perfect. In this context, it means showing God’s light and love; growing into Christ so that their actions, words, and attitudes convey who they are—Christ’s.

 Important Notes In Conveying to Your Young People Who They Are

  1. All baptized believers are called. That’s one of the things we stress in youTheology. This sets the understanding that God has a something for each person to do.
  2. All believers are witnesses. It’s an identity issue. It’s a missional issue.
  3. This means that their whole life (words, actions, thoughts, attitudes) should bear witness to the life and message of Jesus Christ.
  4. Young people need to know and understand God’s story. Particularly they need to know about the life and message of Jesus Christ. They also need to now how it is relevant for their lives today.
  5. Show the connection between their stories and God’s stories. Invite them to the missional conversation.

Young people are sending messages all the time. It’s important that they live with the awareness of God’s call to follow Christ and be God’s messengers. It should be basic to who they are.


Living fully. Living faithfully. Following Christ.

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