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What Are The Important Rhythms That Sustain You?

Rhythms of spiritual disciplines
What’s your rhythm for growth?

Well, they messed with that clock again. Did you notice? It’s only an hour, but it still takes some getting used to. It’s little things like adjusting how you use the breaking dawn to track the time in the morning. Your body has to get used to that one-hour change. It’s the same, yet, a different rhythm.

Yes. Daylight savings time is here. The little changes it brings got me thinking about rhythms and patterns and our walk with God.

There are some things that you can’t make happen happen by wishing or desiring. Among these are growing in the Christian faith.

To grow in closer relationship with God in Christ, to be increasingly attentive to the Holy Spirit’s guidance, becoming more like Christ require intention and some degree of planning. I say some degree of planning because ultimately, it’s the work of the Spirit. However, you have a part to play by making use of the resources God has placed at your disposal and developing a rhythm with them.

Spiritual Disciplines and Rhythms

Among the resources you have for growing in the Christian faith are spiritual disciplines. You can incorporate these disciplines as part of your daily life rhythm. Determine days, times, in general, frequency. Be consistent. Repetition of the chosen disciplines, though not necessarily of the content, is key. It’s like exercising a particular way to develop particular musical or athletic skill and expertise. Work with the rhythm of the day as you do this.

Some disciplines are communal in nature such as worship, Bible Study, and times of prayer. There are others that you practice when you’re on our own including prayer and attending to the presence of God in our lives.

Why does this matter? Without a rhythm to nurture your Christian faith you’ll falter and your witness to God’s love and reign among your youth will grow dim.

What are the rhythms that sustain your spiritual life and witness? How do you encourage youth to develop their own rhythm of  spiritual disciplines?


Living fully. Living Faithfully. Following Christ.

Adapted from my post, “Rhythms That Sustain,” on MissionAndYouth.Com.

Photo courtesy of  Nemo /Pixabay.Com

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