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What is the Extraordinary Youth Ministry Actually?

What is The Extraordinary Youth Ministry ActuallyI remember when he first joined our program. Let’s call him Tom. Tom was quiet and uncertain. He had his earphones in at every opportunity to shut us out as much as possible. He thought of going home. As Tom went through the youTheology year, something happened. By the end of the year he was talking, making jokes, volunteering. Later on, he returned in a leadership role. What happened? Tom was part of an extraordinary youth ministry that took him seriously. It challenged his mind and taught him to love God and people.

Extraordinary Youth Ministry—Anchored in God, Concerned About the Whole

An extraordinary youth ministry is one that is anchored in the Triune God, with young people at the center. Adults who lead this ministry with young people recognize that youth have the capacity to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. As such, they are intentional about inviting them to make a commitment to Jesus Christ and providing ways of growing deeper in the Christian life.

Leaders in an extraordinary youth ministry also realize that following Christ is about the whole person and so seek to avoid false dichotomies that pit the walk of faith against everyday living. Similarly, they know that youth ministry is part of the entire ministry of the church and not a standalone product. Thus, they are accountable to the congregation and seek to have youth integrated into the life of the church as they seek to have youth live whole lives.

Extraordinary Youth Ministry—Going Outside the Walls

Additionally, an extraordinary youth ministry will reach out beyond the walls of the congregation in which it is located. Because it is anchored in the Triune God, it is committed to living out this love for God by going out to witness to God’s love and reign with Jesus Christ as its example. It does this in the power of the Holy Spirit seeking to reach young and old alike.

This type of youth ministry combines learning with fun. It results in young people who go out and love God and people, following the great commandments found in Matthew 22:36-39.

We have previously looked at myths about an extraordinary youth ministry. Now, Join us on our journey to dissect and uncover an extraordinary youth ministry, so that you can be extraordinary where you are.


Living fully. Living faithfully. Following Christ.

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