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Is Your Great Show Now a Nightmare?

Is Your Great Show Now a Nightmare?Liam was having the time of his life. It was like a whispered dream come true. He was the center of attention, the star. All the kids loved him. When he showed up, they flocked to him. They hung on to his words. They laughed at his jokes. They did what he told them. In his eyes and those of many others, Liam was a roaring success. It was a great show.

Then, Liam moved on. Guess who else moved on? The kids. They went in search of another great show with a new star. That’s all it had been. The whispered dream was in reality a nightmare for the church.

When your young people show up for a great show, there will always be another show, a better show.

When the star makes the show, young people will follow the star or look for that better show. After all, they are at an impressionable age.

The great show, the star and Jesus

In the Bible, the wise men followed the star. It was the right star—one of significance. The thing is, the star had a purpose—to lead them to the king. The start was not the goal but pointed to the goal of their journey—Jesus Christ. They found Jesus.

Being a youth minister can be seductive, especially if you have a charismatic personality. You can easily forget your role—that they might see Jesus. You could get confused and forget to point to Jesus. You become the goal in your role as the star.

Here’s the thing. You in yourself can’t offer life. You have none to give. You can only offer a great show that is temporary—either until the better one shows up or until you move on.

When you yourself are not grounded in and following Christ, you cannot point to Christ. There’s only you.

As you start this new school year, purpose to take your young people to meet Jesus Christ. Of course, you can’t make the choice for them. But you do have a choice—to lead them to Jesus or to be a nightmare.

Living fully. Living faithfully. Following Christ.

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