The Best Kept Secret in Youth Ministry

Take Youth Seriously and See Youth Faith Grow

Presentation - youth faith
Youth makes presentation surrounded by her peers.

Have you ever had a young person express frustration because youth group was not stimulating their faith and answering their deepest questions and longings? Maybe you’re that young person. That’s troubling. Young people are capable of deep thought and engagement with the Christian faith. Youth faith can and will grow in the right environment.

Young people deserve to be taken seriously. There should be places where they can discuss what it means to be a Christian in today’s world, while having fun. Such a place provides a caring community in which the experience God in a deep and meaningful way that leads to youth faith growing with transformation and commitment.

At youTheology we hear the frustrations of young people who want to go deeper in the faith. We hear the longings of those who want to see how they live their faith in everyday life. We see the desire to know how God is calling you to live.

As a young person, you can find many resources about aspects of life that are not related to faith. As an adult, you can point young people to resources about different professions. But what about faith? What about theology?

Yes. Youth faith can grow.

High School Students


see youth faith growBeginning 2003, we have been using simple and fun methods that take youth deep so that youth get to:

  • Do theology.
  • Learn about Pan-Methodist history
  • Explore how God might be calling
  • Lead worship
  • Do hands-on ministry
  • Practice spiritual disciplines
  • Work with adult allies
  • Develop a project that they’ve done on return home.

This youTheology Journey takes place over 5 days. This time together is life changing for the youth and the mentors who share the journey with them. Young people go out to love and lead.


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