• youth faith formation
  • youth faith formation
  • youth faith formation
  • youth faith formation

Find Out Why Your Faith Matters and How to Live It

Be a part of this youth faith formation journey for a more meaningful and deeper relationship with God, church, and others in a caring and fun-filled community.

If you are ready to embark on a youth faith formation journey that to deepen your faith and grow spiritually, then youTheology is for you.

If you are interested in exploring the spiritual lives of the founders of your church and the circumstances in which their faith grew, then youTheology if for you.

If you know that you can  draw strength from your past to better know how to chart your path in today’s world, then youTheology is for you.

If you are wondering in which direction God is leading you and to what God is calling you and would like a safe place to explore that, then youTheology is for you.

If you have a deep yearning within for deeper teaching and conversations with your peers and caring adults, then youTheology is for you.

If you want to grow in God’s grace and knowledge, we have good news.

Not only is youTheology for you, but you are for youTheology’s youth faith formation journey..

With youTheology’s youth faith formation program, for 5 days  you will:

  • Discover what forms your Christian faith in the Methodist tradition and why it is important.
  • Explore how God is calling you to live out your faith in today’s world.
  • Live it out as you prayerfully develop your own plan for  faithful, Christian, living and go forth to live it.

You’ll have fun while doing this.

youTheology Journey with High School Students meets every summer. For five days, youth and their allies assemble to explore the richness of the faith, develop their own spirituality and go back to make a difference in their congregations.

Find out more about adult allies by clicking here

2018 Dates.

Wednesday, July 25 to Sunday, July 29, 2018




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